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Doing my best to work cycling and running into my busy life as a husband, father, and professional computer geek. Also, I like to eat what @EatingDirtSF cooks.

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No comment.

Well, I guess I have a new FTP as of today.

Haha, oops, "I guess hitting Stop JUST as the Garmin auto-splits is a good way to confuse ."

Grumble. #strava

CURSE YOU !!!!! (Yah, ok, more than a minute…)

Well played, Microsoft.

This is how you know it's time to close your laptop, crack open a beer, and catch up on your backlog.

This is a disturbing trend...

I think I'm going to be drinking more coffee then usual today.

Yah, need to be more disciplined next time vis a vis lunch. #levigf



Well, here's the literally-just-finished-building-it poorly-composed-glamour-shot from April.

So, a good friend's 5-yo nephew did this to personalize his Pottery Barn lunch bag. For real. /cc

This cracked:

This cracked:

Sadly, B'Away won't qualify for . But my '85 C'dale will once I install this beauty.

This pleases me to no end. #MASSnotWEIGHT

Most deceptive segment summary ever.