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Current status

heh, you have 1337 followers.

Yay, passive-agressive notification! Happens when you drag all clips into the iMovie timeline.

The Moon, shot moments ago.

Amazon is doing something right. Too many kindles!

So why exactly aren't accounts like these automatically removed from ?

Oh, Spotlight.

I'm confused now.

"You may be a victim of stupid corporate crippleware."

Current status /cc

Current status

It's not only beyond fugly, but it takes 20-30 seconds to load. Every single time.

Yay, actually got to fix 2 bugs, when I only thought I'd fix one!

Better work on those error pages, Apple.

Getting there... so close!

Random nitpicking: design bug on Amazon's new site.

Ref. paper weight, found this and I'm now really confused.

Using Final Cut Pro X to create screencasty goodness.

I like where this is going.