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#NYC public transportation decided on their favorite editor.

#NYC public transportation decided on their favorite editor.

#tape #browserify and #hypernal working together so I can fix scriptie-talkie tests only failing in the browser:

scriptie-talkie is better behaved now.
It apologizes to all browsers it froze yesterday.

scriptie-talkie just went live!

Shows intermediate script execution results.

Making some progress with scrip tie-talkie in the browser:
Could turn into a very useful tool.

Example how to use mold-source-map to prevent people from getting confused:

getting closer to source mappings in #browserify v2.
This is an actual bundle:

Still needs some work, but soon ...

Nice test result output with 's trap runner and cardinal:

Already starting to see how the speaking-code module I'm working on can help people understand their/any #JavaScript providing very helpful test failure output.
Very helpful when test driving code rewriter. #nodejs

Went to #c channel to ask question about purely C code inside a C++ file:

Made me appreciate #nodejs community more.

Sun wants to keep #Java devs typing all day.Keeps 'em from thinking about the language flaws.
Verbatim strings request.

This is why #Microsoft will have a hard time getting a foothold in the #javascript community. Quoting #RxJS license:

Wow, what a matching algorithm (note the title and related videos on the right side). Go!