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With this album in the dungeon, I simply want to say... "she's charming". #vinyl

When you forgot the toothpaste was low, and didn't pick up a new tube during the weekend. #ToolsOfTheTrade

I lived in an area of Honolulu that was nicknamed Portageeville due to its heavy Portuguese population. Being part Portuguese, and always seeing many Portagees, this also meant a few things: 1) good food; 2) lots of time to "talk story", and 3) within that conversation was a discussion about a car, be it a new car found, car parts, or the car in the yard, or parked on the sidewalk, or one seen near somewhere else. Truth be told, the area I lived was very diverse, like most parts of Honolulu. In fact, the street next to the house I lived in for years had a lot of Japanese and Chinese residents. I know this because I went to school with most of them, and I wanted to go out with each and every one of them when it was "time", which meant 9th grade or in high school, which at the time started at 10th grade. My dad died before I was to turn 8th grade, and my family left after my last day in the 8th grade, so my chances of "make chance"? Went from hopeful to non-existent.

What you see in this picture is the apartment we lived in for a little over a year. There was a park in the back where I played all the time, and where I rode my Schwinn bike for the first time. I panicked, hit the tree, ffell off. But I was on the bike, and went back on. For the next five years, it was like I never went off that bike. But this apartment building, small but content. I remember where the mailboxes were, where the laundry room was, and climbing on the top where tenants were not supposed to be. I was a kid, I was curious. As for the parking lot, this is where I did a good share of skateboarding because there was a slope. Riding down slopes meant, at least to my dad, that it was safer than riding on the street, as a car might hit me. Forget the fact that I might ride in the parking lot, fall or go right into the tree, this was okay for these were "lessons learned". I was on the bottom floor, I want to say it was apartment #107 or #108, but it was in the back corner. We had a glass door in the back that I honestly don't remember hanging out, because the apartment in the back was considered what would be called "hood". This is where the "heavy stoners" lived, where the drug addicts lived and sold, and my mom would always say "when you go to the store and you have to cross the gate, DO NOT under any circumstances go anywhere near those apartments." It didn't stop me from walking through that gate, nor did it stop me from going closer to that building, nor did it stop me from actually **touching** the apartment. In fact, I looked inside of an apartment once and who was inside? A kid I had seen in the park who went to the school up the street. It was not my school, and that meant "rival school". I went to "the school of royalty", the other school was where everyone else went. it was stupid keiki time shit passed along from our parents, and we lived under those rules. But in that living room was the family of that kid, all of them watching TV in the living room, everyone on one couch, with a lot of cups and an aroma that I recognized. I didn't go in, but I was looking inside of that forbidden apartment. OOOOOH!!!

I rode my first moped from these apartments, from an uncle that used to work at a place in Waikiki where mopeds were rented by tourists, because "local people cannot afford that, only the Japanese or haoles can ride moped." We would eventually move out of this apartment and move a block down to the house that would be my last place of residence before moving.

Since then, I've read articles over the years that this area of Pauoa has become more run down, where residents will pile up trash in an open field and just watch it grow. From what I can determine, some people now consider this area "ghetto". I never used that word as a kid, I don't think anyone in Hawai'i used it the way it is used now. Then again, when someone said "that's where the local people live", on an island where everyone was local, that was code for "not as wealthy as the other people". I look at this place, and I walked, rode bike and skateboarded here hundreds of times. If I were to turn to the right, I'd be able to go up the road and head up to the Punchbowl Cemetery. Lots of fond memories.

NOTE: I clearly remember my dad playing Earth, Wind & Fire's ALL-N-ALL and Kenny Loggins' CELEBRATE ME HOME album in our apartment, so... 1977.

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Watching #H50 and seeing Pauoa where I lived, I did a map search for my old address. I've seen it a few times over the years, but wanted to look closer. The house that's marked A: that's where I lived. Well, not this exact house, I haven't lived there in 27 years. The house that was there was already falling apart and held up by termite eggs where when you tapped the basement, it made that sshhhkkk sshhhkk sound. Not sure when this house was build, nor when the house I lived in was built but it was a relic. There was a house in the front (133) occupied by a haole family, the Dunlops, and we lived in the back house (133A), the price of real estate in Hawai'i. There used to be a front yard, or what we considered a yard. Basically it was a clothes line and enough room to play a small game of baseball with my next door neighbors, the Traya's, with my best friends at the time, Chris and Ryan. Where B is marked? That used to be our parking lot, or at least where the Dunlop's, the Book's, and the Traya's could park their cars. Again, the cost of real estate is precious, so now there's a house where the parking lot used to be. My friend lived in the house behind the house you see marked B. There was also a small walkway leading from the front part of the drive way, all the way to the end of my neighbor's house, or what would be the laundry room in the back, which lead to the back of their (and our) house. There was also a tree along the path. All of that gone. I see a tree in the yard on the back, not sure if that's the same tree, but I know there was also a banana tree alongside it, as my dad and my uncle (he wasn't a blood uncle, but we all had respect for one another so he was "Uncle Charlie", the father of my best friends Chris & Ryan) would "share" it and pick bananas for whenever they were ripe. As was common back then, there were always aloe vera plants. If my dad burned himself while fixing a car engine, aloe. If I or my friends "ate it" (falling onto the road or concrete) while skateboarding: aloe. Someone got stung by a Portuguese man-of-war or accidentally stepping on vana? No need for hospitals. "Hawaiian health care" meant "no need pay when we get Band-Aid in da yahd." I may have lived in that old house for only 7-8 years, but this place and this neighborhood was the center of my world. Looking at this screenshot, it seems so small and cramped. Probably is. I haven't been back home in 11 years, but would definitely go back and see what it really looks like in person.

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#OutOfBoredom Within this famous shot of the Blackbyrds: from L-R: Scott Ian of Anthrax, the Pink Floyd pig, Sammy Davis. Jr., Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, The Blackbyrds, Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones and his donkey, Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, and the hat that Michael Jackson threw in the 1984 live video of "Billie Jean".

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This one popped up in my timeline, had to pass it a long. DJ's will agree. #vinyl #turntablism #hiphop #Serato

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In this #Muppets trailer, there was a Gold Record award behind Kermit. It was on . #vinyl

For those who don't know, the logo on the #Rush T-shirt in the ad is based on that on their first album.

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I think should've spent an extra hour proofreading this morning's ad on a #Rush Blu-Ray/T-shirt bundle.

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An illustrated Michael Moore at #OccupySouthPark this week.

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When I hear the last 90 seconds of 's "Changeling", my mental picture is very close to this. #Latitude

This is why I have in my record collection: integrity and talent. Drake: square root of 0 is 0.

My 90's gems, time to part with these records. Hopefully someone will be interested in this first batch of a few

This record by will remain with me unless I have to be homeless. A keeper. #vinyl

Damn, didn't realize I still had this Jay-Z record. Before the megahype. Anyone want it? Make me an offer.

First frost of the season. Aah, welcome to warm socks and cold nuts... good morning.

Watching this episode of THE SOUP, and wow, this woman is kicking it old school. Or... something.

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Spotted this pic of Matthew Broderick on a blog, and yes, the jokes are very much underway.

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Matthew Broderick is on tonight, and some on Twitter are going "damn he's old". He'll be 50.

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The #ChildishGambino album cover looks like John Lennon & Yoko Ono might be nearby, with Black Sabbath very close.

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