Rock n roll retro girl! Monty Python. F1, Yankees. Beatles, George Harrison, Bob Dylan. Craig Ferguson. Doctor Who. I'm a gingah! *silly walks out...*

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Andy Warhol #quote :)

This is just funny lol

That is some cool ass hair. Not ass-hair. Cool-ass hair. Ah forget it her hair is interesting.

Pretty much my life.

How I feel every time I go out without makeup:

How I felt about the Front Desk lady today:

"The face" #AClassic

It's a beautiful day...


remember you're dealing with a redhead


Why fix what ain't broken? I dunno, I never saw Kim K before her surgeries. I don't know what made her want them.

Goodness..WHY? She looked fine! #PlasticSurgeryRuinsFaces

She was cute before all the surgeries! I'm not a Kim K fan or a hater, I just think she looked way better natural-er!

I think you girls need a pick me up after watching Miss USA don't here's Kim K without makeup. #YoureWelcome

This is so cute. George with his son. Happy Father's Day

The Rolling Stones favorited my tweet!!! :D

there it looks like that lol I'm pretty sure that site was what Anthony used to convert Emoji