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Sleepless selfie. I've been lying here trying to sleep and I'm getting frustrated :( #pout

Why is my avi still me? I tried to change it.

Why is my avi still me? I tried to change it.

Love this :)

Ready to read this book :)

This is what happens to me when people around me go on vacation, lol

This wasn't actually an hour ago, I just keep forgetting to post it :) I love Alexa Ray!!

Listen to a little Woody Guthrie before bed... #GottaLoveMeSomeFolk

Going to the eye doc soon. I want glasses like Marilyn's! :D

Just came back from getting food, decided to get some spam, spam, spam, spam, spammity spam! xD #MontyPythonReference

RIP to all the innocent victims who lost their lives on 9/11/01. #September11 #NeverForget #Remembrance #Heroes

just scrolling thru my feed and thought this was funny do you get it? Lol. Headache. Is it a migraine? Haha

spamming your Mentions :3 I just really love seeing this...I think I've told you before but still xD

Listening to...
"I need a love to keep me happy. I need a love to keep me happy! Baby, baby keep me happy..."

I want you!!! 1940s era eyeglasses!

And now for something completely different: a photograph of a cute turtle.

Tried a sample of this product and I loved it! is awesome. :)

This is the best-feeling makeup I've ever put on my face.

I love this song :D

My Killer Brownie... It's big, guys. It's bigger than this pic makes it look. #BrownieForBrinny!