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Do you remember that old, neglected, Windows 95 PC sitting in your closet? It remembers you... http://windows95tips.com/

I'm not saying traffic in Atlanta is a mess because of the snow, but... #snowpocalypse

This cat has the right idea!

Have a very Grumpy Cat Valentine's Day!

My cat says, FEED ME NOW!

Spent the last 2 days going thru my comic collection & trimmed it by about 30%. These are the comics I'm giving away.

Going through comics and giving my cat some lap.

The fog covers, the street, making everything seem like its a million miles away!

Our Christmas lights glowing in the fog, so nice!

Strange weather from this odd mix of fronts. It's been squeezing my head like a vise, hoping it passes soon.

Just got the package from family in Mancelona, MI! Can't wait to try this stuff, might need drinks before the DVD, tho.

Continuing the family scans for , I think there are over twelve hundred by this point.

, the scavengers are making good progress in your brownies!

made Ghiradelli dark chocolate mini brownies for my co-workers! You should be so lucky! #nomnom

My desk, now with freaking Christmas cheer!

Progress continues on doing the tree decorations. Time for me to go do the porch lights! #GriswoldChristmas

Christmas lights in progress!

Roof cleaning in progress, needs to be done before putting up the lights.

Food coma incoming, look out! #Thanksgiving

and I have been cooking TOGETHER to make some amazing yummy food! #Thanksgiving