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Roy: Yeah, that was weird. It's almost as if she doesn't know anything about computers.
Moss: What? (drops cup)
Roy: What are you doing?
Moss: Oh don't worry, that's why I always make two cups of tea. Anyway what were we talking about?
Roy: Oh her not knowing anything about computers.
Moss: What? (drops cup)
Roy: Okay, we definitely want to get rid of her.
Moss: Agreed.

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She's the fastest campus in the galaxy! Map link:

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Eye of Sauron cake sees you. Via

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Verdict: Don't try Tang and astronaut ice cream at home, kids. #yurisnight

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We're oscillating between "Om nom nom nom" and "D'awwwww." The adorable Timmy paintings are from Mr. Hall's class ( to whom we donated on 2/14, and the brownies are from , who has awarded us a Foolie ( Thanks for the awesome mail, guys! <3 <3 <3

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Gonna need a bigger, more complex, and highly vascularized boat. From an exhibit of plasticized animals, a shark's vessels. Full slideshow:

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Photo by Anna Goellner and posted at

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So beautiful, even with the little bits of paper taped down and the lights that don't light up--'cause it's the real deal. Haven't entered to win it and a $1,000 shopping spree yet? Better hurry up and do that: (Luckily we got another awesome prize in the mail today to help us not feel alone when the Tricorder leaves. More on that handsome fella later.)

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"Sheep Who Must Not Be Named" cake via at

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Harry Potter alphabet by via

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Oh, biologists. Via

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SMS (Short Mitosis Service) via

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