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David Eger's "Cloned Photos" project puts clone troopers in iconic photographs: This one's based on The Kiss:

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We'll have these posters in stock soon at! More info at QMx:

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Handmade Tetris cushions by Star Gallery, $279.95 on etsy:

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We may have over-equipped the raffle table. Maybe this will help attendees forget it's 100F degrees outside right now. :\

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So we baked cookies in a car today. After 5 hours in a car with temperatures exceeding 157.5 degrees F (the thermometer crapped out), they came out crispy and slightly risen. Verdict: Tasty but scary--us Virginia geeks are wimps about this kind of heat so early in the summer.

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Sparkles and magic whinnies! Happy Unicorn Appreciation Day!

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Vork by ; Princess Peach by Chelsea D. These are just sneak peeks--we have many more coming soon, and we'll livestream our costume unboxing on July 5 at 4pm ET here: More on Timmy's Volunteer Costuming Corps:

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Hand carved by a meticulous artist. More at

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More over on :

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Yes, yarn bombing is a thing. Knitted and placed by Sarah Rudder in Bellingham, WA:

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That's not right. (via

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Eyup. By IGN:

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"Five syllables here/ Seven more syllables there/ Are you happy now??" YES. Via the teacher's Facebook photo posted here:

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They're a little homemade looking, but they're homemade with love. And now we're officially half-way ready for our 6/29 Lightsaber Stage Combat class at TG HQ! (Sorry, there aren't any spots open, but the details are here:

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Buford is a rescued bulldog and he spends most of his days in photographer Chris's cubicle. We can hear him snoring through walls. <3

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At ThinkGeek, we talk a lot about how awesome you guys are, but recently we reviewed our mission statement and as part of that exercise, we wrote up some terms that we think describe ThinkGeek itself. The word cloud pretty much sums up how we feel about our fellow co-monkeys, what we do, and how we work together. <3 P.S. We're hiring:

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