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it's Rocktober, so I gotta have my pops! and this time in assorted orchard flavors!

Maryland ambrosia (besides crabs)

Ray Winstone as Will Scarlet circa 1983 (seen here between Robin Hood and Little John)

go directly to 's 16th MAN. do not watch IVICTUS. do not collect $200. many Bothans died to bring us this message

is this sketchy police sketch of Mark Holton (aka Francis Buxton, Chubby & 'It's Enrico Pallazzo!')?

It's early, but I really want to start a 'Lets Go Capps' chant here at Shea Stadium II

Mint Julep touching my Jew lips. effin mint!



never corny, always Korny

awesomez things: Gabby Sibs on SNL, the Nats still alive after 19 games, Skyline Chili dip & this

Sink The Biz in Ft Greene #Little500

still one of the best posters featuring infromation ever (+ the sleazzy bunny rules!)

corn dogs + game by Taito

best part of Tim Burton eggzibit @ MoMa: Sarah Jessica Parker's decapitated head

when did Jason Lee give up on life?

nothing sez end of the season soccer party like an engraved ice luge!

Obama dons a Sox hat for his first pitch. you can see it in this picture if you zoom in using the Hubble telescope


a Kiwi's home away from home