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You're the bird and I'm the worm 3

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Vanilla and green tea ice cream from Family Mart perfectly twirled by tita Trisha! 

July 27 @ FIP: 15 bodice and 15 dress flats 

Sharpie pens in this season's most stylish colors  impulse shopper much

Weee!  new shoes from Wade with the fringes and all

Weee~ pretty lil things. I liked the grey better though. Too bad they didn't have new stock  #fangirl #WonderWoman

Breakfast w/ bro, Smucker's, a croissant, and Speculoos Cookie Butter nomnomnom... 

Damn you brunch carbs  c/o of Genda! #food

No part of the day is ever too late for ham and cheese and butter. Workout later hnn #food #cravings

A 15 yr. favorite, Luk Yuen's halo-halo congee will always be chosen #truelove #happybelly

Srsly turned when I saw the kuya selling this! Must see him tomorrow! Candy!  #bliss #cravings

#whenboredomstrikes in Tax... Graphite on paper

Tama na, ate! Tama na! 2x Happy Valentine's to us, co-loner/partner for life  #betterthansex

Tama na, ate! Tama na! 2x Happy Valentine's to us co-loner/partner for life! 

The end is upon us...  #lasthoorah

Having 2nd thoughts on selling these at COMEX coz they're so damn cute!  #proudmama

I remember the random times you say "love you" & I miss those

Cause I know you won't be too pleased if your face here's bigger  #foodporn

Still can't get over my fashion satisfaction  #contented

Ubeee... I didn't know these were good!

Small gifts but still oh so happy  missed my kids though

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