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Internet Inhabitant, Food Devourer, Video Gamer & Community Manager at Media Molecule (@mediamolecule) Used to do @idlethumbs stuff.

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This shot from the Grand Budapest Hotel trailer is best. All the shots are the best though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fg5iWmQjwk

At Glastonbury, my friend Alex had the best costume of all… #PRISM

Uh-Oh. #systemshock2

May 26th. Arrested Development. Massive Happy Face.

evidence, what evidence?

This pic truly captures your fabulousness. Great to meet you at SXSW, see you around :)

Watching Madagascar on iplayer last night, it crashed, but the thumbnail was perfect for the error so it made it ok.

New round... 'Stone Henga'

It's over! #neojenga #inevitable Soneone yelled "jenga mon!" #Scotland

Shit just got real #neojenga

Playing 'Neo Jenga' at

the Glasgow event is cracking! Great crowd :) plus uncharted is in a makeshift jungle based temple thing!

Exciting Newsflash: The apple store Glasgow has been evacuated for a fire drill.


Wtf art discovered in Downton Abbey.

This is Guildford's tribute to Steve, outside Solutions Inc.

Amazingly fun day at Mm today, bit off time away from normal work for sone creative jamming.... This happened:

Mmmmm beef meal.

Sony win on electro apparently.

Dinner? Truffled risotto with seared scallops and truffle shavings. God bless mushroom season.