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Hey there dumb piece of hair.

Watching SpongeBob forever.

Mirror shots. Bed head. I'm short.

Hello green eyes.
That's one thing I never know, what color my eyes are each day.

This itty bitty baby still needs a home.
Anyone want a kitten? =^.^=

Aristocats before class. :3

Hi. My hair is growing. :]

Thanks.. real helpful.
This is the packaging...

Look at this cewtie. :3 Make this butthead your's.

Anyone want a kitten? Needs a home. :(

This stuff is so good. Mmmm. <3

Why am I so pale?

Chicken tacos and black bean rice. Mmm.

Hi, I'm tired. :(

I still really love my new vans. They're my favorite shoes I own right now. I'm still obsessed. <3

I can't sleep.

All they do is stare at me...

Sleepy kitties.

How can someone not love Gizmo? Look at his cute face. :3

Cuddle bugs.