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Once there was only dark, but if you ask me… the light's winning.

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If you have Tweetbot 3 for iOS, switch your display font from the Helvetica to Avenir. It’s gorgeous.

See? I’ve no make-up on either. Because I’m a strong, confident woman.

Who could object?

‘American’ burger joint in Dublin. No idea how they’ve escaped Disney’s wrath.


I mean, if you aren’t going to answer properly, what’s the point?

Worst selfie ever.

When someone in Subway or Boojum leaves their rubbish on their table, I want to jump up and punch them in the head.

Ah, that’s better. Much tidier beard.

I said ‘4’.

You holding out on iOS 7 or something?

Killed app, restarted.


Tell me a story Siri:

Got a bit fainty at the doctors when they took my blood.

What, this beard?