In tribute to my wonderful captain I am the newly renamed Dhipsy. I love my captain. He is go great and loves to fish!

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Hmmmmm this is as far as my cooking extends

No wonder why Madeline McCann did a runner. #openwindow #openinvitation #kholodwar

Thinkin of you

Look at what has happened to my screen!!!!!

This was the said mencap mum. If you dress with pink bottoms then what more can you expect


Thanks for the reminder. Can't wait to see how much they underestimate the true value of

you get my whats app with the restaurant

I still vow to popat aram even whilst watching this boring game

All this hard work paid off!!!!!

All this hard work paid off!!!!!

my annakut in Norwich!!!!!


Wtf.......feels like 41!!!!! And it is gone 7 in evening

actually having 2 Twitter devices has come in use....see attachment

2 weeks of hard work.....feels good having jack shit to do

How thoughtful of all the mota manas at wrk to send a good luck card. pity they might fire me should 1 exam go tits up

Could this be the most expensive desk clock you have ever seen???

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