music gumbo moves me......hip rock, funk and soul, gonna watch this party grow, let's go!!!!!

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Prepared the dinner for all my fundraising freakazoids (my mararthon peeps). Hard work..movin chairs, tables and makin it niiiiiice!

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On set on fox and friends...booooyah!

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Played a lil golf in Asheville, NC with and son...threw two birdies at em in 8 holes..a rarity for me when I play 18!! :) thanx boys.

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End of tour party, hangin John & Korey Cooper of . Great tour, great people, a repeat is inevitable!!

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End of tour party, hangin out with John and Korey Cooper of . Great tour, great people, a repeat is inevitable!!

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Today's Mac fam adventure!! Huntington WV, home of "WE ARE MARSHALL"!! Memorial fountain in BG.

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Got the whole Mac crew on tour this's adventure USS Wisconsin in Norfolk!

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Tru and I went fishing yesterday of tru and our host (guide) Mr. Tim Rose on his custom boat!!!

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So and I ran 5 miles today in Jackson, Miss. Beautiful man!! History.

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Good Friday err'body. Thank God for the Cross. It was hot in Tyler, Tx tonite...recognizin' !!

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We have officially invaded New du monde....beignet and cafe au lait, CLASSIC!

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Ran 7 miles today. In and around the FSU stadium....alot of grrreat games played there. Tallahas-see ya, show was fire!

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New BombMom shirts are gonna be a hit for Mothers Day!!

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Playin at valpo tonite in Indiana....with team mascot and of

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Teach em young...."this is how u climb scaffolding at a rock show son"

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Just found this shot from I had forgotten about of me, tru and lacy of Boooyah!!!!!

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Hangin out after Mr TalkBox showcase.....Me, , , , and Keith Stancil....he kilt it y'all!!

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So I met this fellow "diverse citizen" in the phAtlanta Ga. Nice plates homey!!!! Thanx for the "love"

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With my "City" co- writers and Jamie Moore at the emi "tonight" dance party/celebration. U go EMI.

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Thank you and HotLanta for a sick instore at LifeWay.....representin!!!!!!!!

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