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I am the REAL Saibot! Co-creator of Mortal Kombat... no, really I am.

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Here's a cover I did for TheReal#Ghostbusters c1988. Watercolor dyes and color pencil b4 the existence of DigiArt

  • 1429 days ago via site
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Stryker B4 Sonya B4 Jax B4 Stryker... huh whuh? A doodle from my old MKNotebook of the character who became JAX.

  • 1455 days ago via site
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BTW… Here is the first doodle I did of Raiden.

  • 1459 days ago via site
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Found copies of my pencils for the old MKII Arcade Comic. This was one of my favorite panels...

  • 1460 days ago via site
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Here's a prime example of an MK doodle... Kano's first sketch.

  • 1462 days ago via site
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Ok... I just found thee very first MK related art I ever did!!! You'll never guess which character it was...

  • 1462 days ago via site
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More doodles from my ancient MK notebook. JohnnyCage B4 he was JohnnyCage and Yoshitsune Minamoto…

  • 1477 days ago via site
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Another page from my ancient MK notebook: a discarded character named Rokuro & THEE FIRST Liu Kang doodle…

  • 1484 days ago via site
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More from my oldass MK notebook. These show what I was thinking with the roles characters played in MK’s story...

  • 1488 days ago via site
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Here’s a photo of me and Tony “Kung Lao” Marquez during an MK3 shoot.

  • 1489 days ago via site
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A page of ancient notes n doodles and the beginning of what became Kitana from MK1…

  • 1491 days ago via site
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Here is the very first sketch of MK’s ninjas...

  • 1494 days ago via site
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An ancient doodle from my ancient notebook. This is thee first Goro sketch.

  • 1495 days ago via site
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Here is the first page from that notebook. Shang Lao of course eventually became Shang Tsung...

  • 1495 days ago via site
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Here's a copy of the original line art for Motaro. I did a color piece too, but don't have a copy of it...

  • 1497 days ago via site
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I'm killing myself trying to remember the name of the FX house that built Motaro. They did an amazing job!

  • 1497 days ago via site
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I found some photos of the Motaro puppet! The lighting rig was built by a mechanical engineer...

  • 1497 days ago via site
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I pulled this token from MK's coinbox at Times Square arcade in Chgo at Clark & Broadway... Been saving it since.

  • 1498 days ago via site
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This sketch hasn't been seen in almost 20yrs. It was 4 a "Returning Soon" poster we hung at a local arcade...

  • 1498 days ago via site
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Tom Woodruff from Amalgamated Dynamics mentions using a 5ft Goro standee as reference. I forgot that I drew that!

  • 1498 days ago via site
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