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Have you had any dental surgery within the past 72 hours? Pre-dive checklist #MSFCTour

The Neutral Buoyancy Simulator at #MSFCTour

Brian West shows 3D scanning technology that is using to scan #SaturnV F1 engines for CAD models

Learning about Nuclear Thermal Propulsion at #MSFCTour

Pulse Inductive Thruster (like an electric transformer) in the #PRDL at #MSFCTour

There are over 200 active spacecraft that use electric propulsion systems #PRDL #MSFCTour #NASA

Who knew so much thought went into urine on Station? Keith Parrish at does #MSFCTour

2lbs of water is worth $48K on orbit. #MSFCTour #ECLSS

Bob Jacobs (not ) talking to interns about Friction Stir Welding

EM32 Metallurgical R&D at

Mission flown flag and patch from #STS133 hanging in NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden’s office.

Inside the Space Operations Center at NASA HQ yesterday just before ’s #Soyuz launch

Some images of my visit to HQ. Thanks

Some images of my visit to HQ. Thanks

Some images of my visit to HQ. Thanks

If the wing and the be tail are beneath the wind lift the opposite wing & you will right yourself #LeonardoDC #avgeek

It is a very engineered aircraft - Peter Jakab re: Wright Flyer #avgeek #LeonardoDC

Peter Jakab speaking to #LeonardoDC about the Wright Flyer at

A man in a flying machine must be free from the waist up in order to be able to balance himself #LeonardoDC #avgeek

The #science of instruments, or rather machines, is very noble and the most useful above all others #LeonardoDC