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I just hate Instagram. This picture looks terrible. I can see playing, with it photographically but not publishing this

There is nothing that says "delicious" to me about the chocolate fountain. It looks like a candy urinal. Just gross.

Here's my Schmidt and Cernan autographs #Apollo17 Schmidt is one of the four #Moonwalkers I've met

Here's my Schmidt and Cernan autographs #Apollo17 Schmidt is one of the four #Moonwalkers I've met


I'm at The Nethercutt Museum's annual #Christmas concert. Seriously working some pipes..

sorry you have to wait.. Wife's on the SAG nominations committee. I'll watch it today and let you know..

"Are there diaper changing stations for adults, too?" Biden inquires.

Can you blame me?

pressure is on. Ballots have to be in on Dec. 10. Unwatched on left, watched on right. Come on, eyeballs. SAGAwards

800 .. 143, Pal

in a van..

Wanted to watch this discovered the title refers to getting this particular DVD to play. Too much security SAGawards12

Ok, 1 break for the #USGP and then back to the best problem you can have.. too many movies to watch. SAGawards2012

God bless you, #Hostess you rock my world. A thing of beauty.. #DingDongs ..did anyone see the Stella Dora cookie doc?

weasel alert. This sag awards nominating thing Sheila is doing is frigging awesome if you love movies. Look what's here

Still not at 100%

Nicky is not feeling well. He threw up last night and this morning (oh,joy!). Have him on rationed portions now

Thank you. #VeteransDay2012

It's good to see #UnitesStatesGrandPrix again. Welcome to the US! #COTA #USGP #SpeedF1