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you: I need meds..."its freezing" / your physician: turn your air system to heat. Pour some Drugs on Me ~ Def Leppard

somebody is having Incredible Toby Hulk pops later today. (Hand over mouth giggle with rosy cheeks)

Soaking up conference cross talk with

Somebody needs a hug during the break. I am a perk up strategist.

The Joey "whooa" look... from after listening to . This boy is on it.

getting mind "pimped" by A Automotive #mental #mastermind

my ears are "a tickling" (Elmo voice) with a Automotive Evolution Mack Daddy

revving the fun noodle w/ The Evolving Behavior of the Automotive Shopper

Get on Bees. Nuts.

mood #prowess

dragon fruit. #downthetrap

drank it black. #coffee full of that Cafe-he-so-fine today. #caffeine making a stump feel chipper. #fireworks

listening to Pandora...not opening the box...not wearing socks. A little thing called Love. #sheetrocksanding #strive

Toby's initials are color coded to his hair in your DNA #IntelligentDesign Mother Nature & I love genes #Epigenetics

Toby is in detention. Write 1000 things you love about food... #tobyisbeinggewd

post game #Happiest5k

the car to the #TeamFunGotti #Clemson

new mcdonald had a farm EiEiYo

Dear Killer, Goals are not opponents..smashing goals in the mouth --> success w/o happiness #cocteate #lovers