Rare Brown Monkey from Baguio

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The soul destroying daily commute

Wonders if the car breaks down. Nothing but saaaaaand for miles

Tonights cliche nomz. The barjer wif a philosophy degree

Ze first tweetphoto from ze cheap nokia

I get to meet captain! Yay.

My kennel for 12 hrs. Woof!

Whut you mean you are going on a looooong vacashun? ???

Caiwwee is upset by big wuggage!

Hoooman waaaaaake up!!!!


ZOMD hoooman gif that to us nao!

Caille pee und dukie poo asleep but karl willem und gromit awake

Morning! Me paw sleepy hooman

Caiwwee is snoring on me bed!

I iz weady for day two

Hooman won't gif me cuddles. Sez he is changed to work clothes alwedy. Me sad nao


Aaaaaaaaaaaaa hooman's camera lcd is kaput :(

caiwwe is a rug

hooman iz making seafood pasta. we iz waiting