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People usually pop something a bit witty here but I didn't want to set you up for a disappointment.

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Awesome! I'm in awe! Here are my two. Brother & sister Dora & Diego.

Tiger face!

Thought you'd like this!

How about a nice photo of some cuddling cats?

It's fast-becoming the hottest destination for Star Wars mini-figs.

10p for a Tauntaun ride!

10p for a Tauntaun right!

Even Star Wars figures need to take a holiday sometimes.

That's ok. Very true but I particularly love the mini-figs!

It's a hard life!

You're not wrong Sky News, not this time!

Just a cat playing pool. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Here's my two having a hug.


You be Jeremy, I'll be Super Hans!

Here it is!

My phone is basically full of photos like this from last night!


Disco screen!

That flashing screen isn't going to give me a headache!