Matt Blair


Music do-er. Comedy say-er. Player of @Roland_UK equipment. Occasionally known as Eddie Nuff with @RealRaygun. I like puns. Bad ones. They are my favourite.

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The fact that someone named their company that makes lifts Schindler makes the pun lover in me happy

Ran out of ice cubes so used an orange ice pop. I have mad improv skills yeah?

Presenting... My awesome cake, made by the amazing . Brace yourself Old Rope.

Finally! Thank you . X

Can't say no to a free gift. Can you?

Myself and 's dad Ron getting down to Faith No More. He likes the nightlife.

It's a chair and a bath people! A chair AND a bath!

If the Krays were your complaints department, how many do you think you would get?

The theme for today's QI is making the panelists and invisible. Quite interesting.

Hey kids! 'Tim' is back!

Gig tonight. get to use the new case I got for the drums. It has four wheels.FOUR!!!

This is where you should be tonight. Come watch funny people be funny.

I bet the old song is stuck in your head now. Ha!

I want one!


Is this in every Nando's? Did I just eat a chicken? Or was it an owl?

The quality of vandalism at Ewell East station has clearly peaked.

In the car with driving to Brighton for our gig at the Hobgoblin. Why not join us?

Well. Need I say more?

Haven't had one of these in over year. Love it.