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The mayor of Frisco gave us the key to the city tonight. I'm coming to visit you now. #edgefest22

Garbage made me feel lots of nice things. #edgefest22

Crowd for Civil Twilight. The air tastes like weed. #edgefest22

Omg dudes that's Butch effing Vig. WE ARE NOT WORTHY. #edgefest22

Chomsky has a big crowd. And #edgefest22 is underway!!!

Sometimes, I feel like , you guys.

The Crow Collection is one of my fave places in Downtown America. #DIFF

It's not festival until someone finds a roofie.

The Brooklyn Brothers themselves have taken the stage. #DIFF

Last time we were at the Majestic for opening night, Mickey Rooney spoke for, literally, 45 minutes. So great. #DIFF

Dem boys at all growns up. Sound so good.

So great to have here right now. #localedgepresents

Soft Metals from LA. Tons of bass and synth and reverb. Not digging it. #SXSW

. at Buffalo Billiards. Pretty much playing the whole A Life of Saturdays record. I'm so happy. #SXSW

Back off man, I'm a scientologist. -What scientologists say?

And #freefoodfest continues. Mmmmmmpanadas. #Protip; BBQ beef empanadas always win. #SXSW

There's Adventure Club artist Givers. Full of energy. #SXSW

Nothing is real life anymore. #SXSW

Confirmed twice now at #35D and #SXSW is so good. Great hooks. You'll hear about them soon.

Oh so they hoopin' here huh? Someone meet me for a game of 25. #SXSW