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At ’s house.

At ’s house.


This descriptor is about the best thing that can be said about Budweiser and its pals.

I love how Bruce Wayne changes into Batman out in the open & he drives the Bruce Wayne car as his Batmobile.

Apparently in 1949, Stately Wayne Manor was a run of the mill suburban house, close to good schools & parks.

An example of the dino pajamas that the 40-yr old teen in DON’T PANIC wears. Supposedly he has normal mental faculties.

Happy Lee Greenwood Royalty Check Day!

Dubyatee Landscaping: making your lawn look like a Supercuts mullet since the last time we drank a Bud Light Lime.

Decided to make my 1st tag today about 2 fave things, but in retrospect I should’ve gone for 3 & added, “and narwhals.”

Did you know that a Jaguar is the most difficult car to park? The turning radius of the driver’s ego is very limited.

This guy is so determined to get The Wave going that he’s stood up and yelled 4 times. It’s low tide sir. No one cares.

Every time I go to a sports puck game I’m reminded how much I like live sports. And then I pay $5 for water & hate it.

The Ecko-brand Miracle Can-opener: named so because it’s a fucking miracle if you can actually open anything.

In honor of Father’s Day, these dragonflies are having an orgy on my leg and making babies.

I just conquered the Danger Zone during the Days of Thunder. A guy named Goose died too & I buzzed the tower. #maverick

Another reason why the ‘burbs suck: I’m about to race high-speed go-karts & there’s Dr. Oz on the track TVs. #lame

The last credit for KIDNAPPED COED / DATE WITH A KIDNAPPER. It explains so much…I think…I don’t understand.

This quote from Wootbot is the funniest thing I've ever seen on .

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Once I saw this magnet I knew it had to be ours.