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I’ve added this to the top of my wedding registry.

That shit cray.

This exists and we are here.


Somehow this feels racist.

Celeb sighting: and at the Top Hats & Tails event in Dallas. They’re taller in real life.

And the fuck? Is the Partridge Family vomit look making a comeback?

Apparently now only caters to the faux-nautical set boating on waves of douche.

If you didn’t think I’d buy this shirt, you were 1000% wrong.

Because dogs.

Best ad evar? Or most awkward? I think and need to replicate this.

And women say men aren’t good communicating: a perfect conversation between me and .

I want to carjack this guy just so I can straighten his rear view mirror.

Patio weather + my dog Cuinn always reconfirms that I am a dog person and I don’t want that to change.

The last sip.

I am the sex.

Lounging in my favorite backyard in DFW. It’s so damned tranquil here. I love it.

. has gotten so serious about this sportsball card game that he’s standing up.

Playing Rodney Dangerfield’s NO RESPECT Game: a nerve-wracking, number-stacking game of sudden death!

Trinity has a vegan menu now.