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Spotted the -mobile at . Wicked cool paint job for a company car.

I like to think that my window decal serves as both a nerd badge & as a less garish COEXIST bumper sticker.

What’s the deal with people at this gym that they love their cars to be slathered in bird poop?

Getting the groomswarriors kitted for the wedding.

First picture of the urinal at !

Lazy Sunday: lots of and and dogs.

Irony: workers for the “Stand Up for Abused Children” charity are always sitting down at all of their booths.

Came into this at work this morning. Surprisingly, not a break-in. OR WAS IT REALLY A DISTRACTION THE REAL CRIME?

Dear fellow gym goer, you might want to get your car washed. It’s been like this for weeks.

What’s that? It’s only 109 degrees in Phoenix.

Best urinal ever?

The Murrican way to break your fast.

Looks like our pups are doing just fine back in Dallas.

Meanwhile, on Univision.

Oh no.

Everybody’s twerking for the weekend.

Zombicide with , and .

I love my new option for a new standing desk. However I’m about 8 inches too tall for this to work, as you can see.

Musical #ProTip: they both suck.