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Here's another one.

One more Texas sunset pic.

Texas sunset

Texas fishtank.

Offloading pipe in Texas. Welcome to monday. :-)

They call this migas in Texas. Back home in L.A. It's called juevos a la mexicana.

Part 2.

There are 2 pics. Here it's one.

Good thing I'm leaving tomorrow. That's my car!

Chili, and cornbread for dinner. :-)

Sunday afternoon chili. Yum-o!

Laker beer in Canada, how cool is that? Lol!!!!

My car in the Canadian snow this morning. Next weekend I'll be in the Texas sun!

Why does my twitter look like this? I want it back how it was.

Tweeting in Minnesota.

Lunch in Minnesota.

Watching Manchester at a pub in Canada.

My babydoll. ;-)

This is our lunch today at camp.