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Freddy Adu and :

Freddy Adu last in line coming out of the tunnel:

Freddy Adu in signal blue. Yeah, it feels strange to type those words.

From goalposts to goalposts. Already preparing for the other football here at the Linc.

Teams taking the field. Who makes a statement tonight?

Fans wearing red, white and blue surrounded by fans wearing green and white. Sound familiar?

Pattison Avenue hits Zocalo Square:

The deal is worth enough money that they made a custom backdrop for it.

The ESPN pregame set with , , and :

Fan advisory: Supporters clubs are in the SOUTH end zone tonight.

Extra grass in the corners to widen the field:

Gigantic Mexican flag part 2 (For the record, the cops in the car enjoyed it):

Fans walking a gigantic Mexican flag over a cop car and through the Linc parking lot:

Jurgen Klinsmann and Landon Donovan on the dais.

Celebrations in after the goal that was onside:

Flags and banners in :

The teams taking the field:

Collector's item: vs. commemorative scarf. #doop #halamadrid

More photographers than players on the pitch. #doop