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Where does Rondo assist KG?

Where does Wade block shots?

Here's another one, all assisted shot locations over the past 5 seasons.

To be more precise, court location of Stephen Curry's assists to his teammates.

Stephen Curry's career assisted shot locations.

This week marks the 946th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. There were no NBA games scheduled according to ESPN.

Shot chart for Festus Ezei vs. Haifa:

Shot chart for Harrison Barnes vs. Haifa:

Harrison Barnes pre-season shot chart:

Warriors FGA through 2 pre-season games visualized. They're spreading it around.

Shot chart for tonight's GSW-UTA game.

Warriors shot chart WITH basketball court background! (yes, ima nerd)

Here's the team shot chart for the Warriors last season.

Rush's shot chart does a nice job of outlining the 3-pt line.

Klay's shot map last year:

Monta's shot location data last year:

Working on shot charts in R. Just need to figure out how to draw a basketball court on here. Last night's LALGSW game.

I am on fire.

I got this.

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