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How am I spending my Saturday? In Expense Report Hades.

Getting to know my 75 yo aunt over Xmas lesson #6: she still gives out fruitcakes as gifts.

Getting to know my 75 yo Aunt over Xmas lesson #2: she has a very pudgy kitty.

is all snugglie next to the fire that taught us how to light!#CaliHouse

I will slay them.

When you let a 4 yo pick his socks...

Working on a US state puzzle, my 4 yo nephew says, "Look! I found where North California goes!"

Two little boys were being naughty in the store, so they got put in jail.

These are my 2 nephews who are 2 yrs apart. They weigh the same. The little one is a bit of a haus.

4 yo bday. Guest of honor arrived, every dad in the house said "I gotta get me one of those outfits"

I-65 NB has a vendetta against me going home to Nashville.

Real friends get bird poop out of your hair. rules.

This makes happy on her birthday.

This is how I'm remembered.

Just like old times.

This is how you celebrate birthday.

Yes, there are real "apple bottom" jeans.

proudly boasts his first ever vinyl. Wow I'm super old.

is fired from parking the van.

finally surrendered his Snuggie to a very cold lil' girl.

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