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here's my very large cat not enjoying having his picture taken, 2 years ago. he is even larger now.

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the mural in tucson sticks around but keeps changing. now, apparently, he's bored. (photo via the rialto)

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zomg you guys, is now following me! i'm apparently special? or she really likes insipid cat tweets.

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aaaand, as soon as i got the tree up, the cat began his annual "war on christmas" despite the "bitter yuck" spray

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oh! christmas tree! (yes, i managed to find the energy to get into the attic and obtain the tree of infamy)

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Jasmine is 11 and in my dance class. She drew this portrait of me while we were backstage at our recital today. :)

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my hairs. they are a new color. (but the un-adjustable white balance on my webcam won't let you see it well)

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the miracle of self-timer and a patio chair: , brecht, and i pose with our pumpkins! #pumpacarving

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Pumpkins! super successful, beautiful weather (warm!), tasty seeds. 's pumpkin tasted best.

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now that i have managed to bathe myself in this bucket filled from the garden hose (which confused the cat), i'm going to bed dreaming of a swiftly repaired faucet in the morning.

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[twitpic hates my phone. right-side-up, now:] suck it, brewer! I just voted you out. :)

I voted already! Putting it in the mailbox now. Suck it, brewer!

Thankfully I live across the street from my polling place. Seriously inclement weather in pima county!

The hail from earlier. Peanut-to-marble-sized. I stood in a bus shelter for 10 min. Oi.

why yes, that's me with , producer of the Rachel Show, Bill Wolff. the #maddow watch-party in tucson was AWESOME.

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Serape cat takes a nap.

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