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Me with a few of the Rapids players! They're so nice!

Found this in my door this morning... Why? I'm not sure. I'm afraid to drink it, though...

Bruce Lee + Chuck Norris = too much awesome for one photo! (But I'm digging the bell bottoms =P)

Diamond-topped cupcakes for Brandy's engagement party!

I looked so yooouuuuung, hahaha! I miss that beehive!

I don't think the underpants gnomes did it, , but may the VS Pink! Dog Centipede did!!!

Happy Friday, lovelies!

When I'm upset, I just look at this face and I can't stop smiling! (That's Hurricane Hailey) =)

Meet Pogo!

Prego mannequin in Forever 21! #creepy

Really? This is pathetic. #smh

Today is my beautiful mommy's birthday =]

Meet Ritmo. Cute, but he's still not Fumo! =(

Remembering Tommy #armedforcesday

These shoes: yes or no? I'm debating on whether or not to purchase...

First image of Tom Hardy as Bane - thoughts? Wish we could see more!!! #helloooonurse!

Uncle Karl designed the new Coke Light bottles!!!

A little Photoshopped, but still funny! =]

Of COURSE the one I wanted had to be rare. Ok that ends my blind box purchases! I still want!

Oh hell YES! >=P muahahaha