I have friends in spite of myself.

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This one caused minor burns & 's clothes started smoking. Worth it.

When getting a taxi in Grand Cayman, always ask for Eugene. He has a disco ball in his cab & plays "The Macarena."

Fancy cat toy makers have given up. "FINE. JUST PLAY IN THE PACKING BOX, YA BASTARDS." #boopGotYourNose

They're chainsawing through the street in front of my house. I think they're making me a moat.

Ferris Mewler demonstrating the struggle of chasing a ball that isn't as fast as he is.

Ferris Mewler. He climbs on the highest cabinet and mews for love even tho he's purposely out of reach.

This video doesn't do it justice. Canary magician cut in half. Literally. Cc:

Hunter S Thomcat's newest hiding spot. In his defense, it is bigger on the inside.

Victor: I can't believe you bought a non-creepy doll. Me: AND HER EYES FOLLOW YOU. Victor: Never mind.

Hunter S. Thomcat's 3rd Halloween costume attempt: Coaster.

I didn't buy welding Jesus, but I did get a metal whale who rolls his eyes when bothered. He reminds me of Victor.


I think this counts as "huffing". #catnipisahelluvadrug

Never let your guard down. #summermummers

Ferris Mewler playing dead. He's part possum.

Or if you hate cats, here's one of me in a snuggie doing my preferred form of exercise...eyebrow push-ups.

Also, I promised cat pictures so this is a gif I just took of Hunter S. Thomcat attempting to smog me.

Testing a new app. This hangs in my office & drives the cats batty. Reminds me of The Traveling Red Dress.

This toast goes out to everyone not at blogher. You are being toasted. Put that shit in your resume.

Shit that happens in the bathroom. I don't even know what to say.

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