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I write/sing/produce/rattle jewelry for the best indie band to come from Beverly Hills, run Math-Club, engineer my mobile startup app, eat a lot of sweets

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"Robot Wedding," May 17, 2010 (re:

Here I am in St. Lucia - love the view, but I can't say I mind being back home w clean hair instead

I'm going here next week

This Marlboro man is my grandfather, and the bb is my dad

Me at 13: I think I look the same, just diff hair

Morgan gave me the cutest bday card!!

I made coffee art! And didn't spill it on my keyboard in the valiant campaign to document this incredible creation

What kind of face/species was this hoodie designed for? My eyes would need to be next to my mouth to see out

saw this animal this past weekend

We have 3 bouquets in the office, that's mine! Sad to leave them all alone for the weekend

Valentine's <3 for everyone! And Teuscher treats for me

It's summer in LA, here's my white summer dress evidence

I'm having 's homemade matzoh ball soup, and it is divine!! Thank you, emily!!!