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.../me done with cooking

huch look what emerged on my notebook ... well let's kill that thing ...won't make anything better but still...

yet another offline google... at least no NSA sniffer on this one... I hope

wow i open a win8 vm in win8 how sick is that ;)

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a mixture of met and black currant wine ...yummy

some Germans have a strange opinion about the "merkel" thing

Breakfast for champions

what the fuck, i can't read the commercials in my own county

zur #BundestagsWahl bitte nicht vergessen : Glaubwürdigkeit und Ehrlichkeit haben einen Namen

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...follow the white rabbit ;)

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/me ...running to the esch

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live can be soooo good... lock'n'load here i come ;)

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that's the first output... i dig in deeper...

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that's the first output... i dig in deeper...

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how do you like that?

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do you see a difference to linux? and anin't this n00b compatible scanning?

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/me preparing the red-team class which i give later this week...

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now I'm prepared for the Katsuura special training :)

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here the 4 flights of the last tasting in the order as we drunk it. The Willett was the surprise of the night, and blantons good as ever bookers suxx

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...still the best there is :)

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