ʌʇ˙ɔnlɐ//:sdʇʇɥ for: InfoSec nerds,geeks,hacker/ccc,freeBSD/unix/linux lovers are welcome. for the rest: GO AWAY!

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it seems like Burger king feels 8°C as so hot that they fillup their lemonade with iceblocks ...fucking retards

beasty??? FreeBSD?

...right it's a east German school calculator

nope this is not another android phone... (look at the 2 screws at the bottom )

checking out the new #FortressAluc ...does anyone remember those telephones ;)

this is the selection in my computer lab... #outOfContext

wie trennstadt Berlin ? wollen die die Mauer wieder aufbauen ?

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  • 133 promised but this version is missing the Westvleteren... i don't have a final copy from #BerlinSides_0x04

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i love when beer magically appears on my desk

seems like my parents think I'm an alcoholic ... otherwise they would send my some quality Bourbon like willet or blantons

"this is the list of the bad children" "thanx mr. obama" "NO NAMES; DAMNIT"

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  • 178 lasse is the alcoholic NOT ME!

./ me ...blogger ...

...before i forget ..."sieg hei.! aehm sorry i ment "rot front! " or such...

...that's right!

look at this T-shirt! color like the smurfs and the word cock is written at the titts... #facepalm #30c3

... check it out

...moved up to 270 kg... yeah...

my first leg workout since 2 years ... these are 240kg

... how to become a hacker? 1th you need a axe ...