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big phones need big battery packs... 24000mAh l

and i thought he ment 4th floor but it seems 42th floor was no joke

this will be my next NAS

my next netbook ...i totally approve ;) if it has LTE

breakfast... HOT coffee ...something rare here in Japan ;)

upps i did it again... /me scanning the web to compare the results for my next talk you should prepare a talk to!

dinner for warriors...

i would not call my 2 tatami room pure luxury but it is airconditioned and has free wifi.

headphones with NoiseCancellation are essential if you hang out in Tokyo. it's extreme loud wherever you go

and this is our waitress ...and they have their own manga series #awesome

hanging out with (techan) ...and where do i end up? in a german themed maid coffee

after one week katsuura our first "real" food

still keeping it up, no alcohol 'till i passed my nidan test

damn still to expensive...

look these cute the fangirls of

every train station should have such a liquor store

and that's why ... どもありがと ;)

that's where you want to be in tokyo it's chess garden

oh well, this will be a nice flight ; )

yet another refreshing summer drink: squish 1 lemon in quarter pieces a few mint leaves with 4cl gin + 4cl vodka ad a few ice scoops and fill that up with tonic wather