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the HTC one M7 dualsim ain't bad on battery 1d 17h and still 38% left, that's ok. to tell it not to use a chinese usim on slot 1 is just one line of code

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that koto katana agoes with it as daisho

look ath this tsuba

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this is my waki, late koto with a new koshire

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and its perfect night glow

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i love it for its clean dial

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this one is nice to

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this one is sold :/

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oh dear ?REALLY??? not patched yet??? #FAIL!!! and yes U2DATE say's "Your firmware is up to date" maybe suse was not a good idea :/

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ahhhh now i understand ...that's why ... #Catholicism

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this Whisky sour gonna save my day 14cl blantons barrel strength 8cl lime juice 4cl syrup

that's the size of the target...

this was a successful day on the range those are 10 rounds .223 on 100m i should train more

aluc's black currant juice:shake well 8cl balntons,4cl vodka,2cl lime juice and 12cl bl.currant juice,2 ice, 2dash bitter. fill up with soda

/me warming up with some squads...

Die Polizei dein Freund && Helfer

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...yes we can

that's where i spend my last night in Tokyo check it out when you are here #BarHighFive ginza