Philip Patterson


Literary Agent at Marjacq Scripts Ltd. Tea-drinking, non-smoker, reformed rake. Loves books and Mr Kipling's exceedingly good cakes.

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To my 321 Followers! 3-2-1! Ted Rogers sticking three fingers up!

found a picture of me in 1993.

I reckon this could be my Frankfurt look: "we want you, we want you, we want you as a new recruit..."

Carbon brushes worn away. I am.weeping with joy. Tomorrow washing machine, you will wash again....

Isn't it gorgeous? Join me tomorrow for more home repair fun.

all that beer. I don't see what the fuss is about...

Love this cover.

They just don't make 'em like tjey used to. Wild Women of Wongo.

This is Marjacq! Thanks to my 300 followers. Mpeg and underpants beyond technical capabilities...

My dog Dillon, not dressed as dinosaur but standing in primordial ooze. Will that do?

Molly has sent a frankly rubbish pic of slow worm on drive. No sense of scale. It could be an earthworm, Mols!

I am barking along to Black Dog now....bit of air guitar....

Singalonga Wicker Man at the Prince Charles. The guy with the wicker basket on his head will be burned alive at the end.

. Very pleased to be following you. Come and join me in this muddy puddle.

1959 Penguin crime from mum and dad's bookshelves. Love it. Next to Christianna Brand, Green for Danger.

1967 tie in of Adam Hall's the Quiller Memorandum. That is a young George Segal on cover. Foxy Senta Berger on back.

Old Fontana edition. Classic 70s white background, photographic image. Big font and no.need for jacket quotes. Cool

alright it is falling part but ebooks will never have this when discovering old faces.

He is calm now. That won't last

Sheep! You energetic fecker, Dillon!

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