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#fridayfacts lives here. Tune in for chicken flavor updates, wabbit pictures, lots of foul language when I talk about stupid people. Dedicated absurdist.

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Hangin' out in the lobby.

drawing 's Eyepaad.

Closing session continued...

Closing session time at !

I wonder how many of these RockTeam printed up for . #fail


talking to JoAnne at the GBS poker tourney

boarding the GBS Fun Bus. We'll get in and then they'll tell us we're going to the zoo

Yay, snax! #iamlug

Yeah, it's rather steamy out there. Glad I'm in here.


Ok, you home viewers, AUDIENCE. Are you happy now? #iamlug

See what you're missing? SEEEEEEE???? #iamlug

Thanks for visiting Marshall!

Downtown metropolitan Marshall, Illinois. They have TWO stoplights.

There is a large thermonuclear reaction on the horizon.

I have entered The Great Flatness.

Ok, world. His name is Patrick, for now, and he's better. He's well enough to be grumpy. At you.