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#fridayfacts lives here. Tune in for chicken flavor updates, wabbit pictures, lots of foul language when I talk about stupid people. Dedicated absurdist.

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Look at those big Georgette ears!

I don't fucking believe it. They actually HAD FOOD READY! This is unheard-of!

Adding to the riot/economy relief, here's two cute giant wabbits!

a friend had this at the Burger Bar in St. Louis. Kobe beef and a fried egg. Hmmm...

Luigi? Your son is hip!

Katie is perfectly OK with the new girls. Mr. Fred is a challenge to her, though. He's very loppy.

Georgette isn't sure about the flash on the Blackberry, though...

Georgette relaxing. She is bigger at 4.5 months than Bea was at almost a year. Picky eater, though.

The sisters' names are now apparent. Please say hi to Flopsy and Mopsy. Yes, there's a backstory.

These are the two sisters. That's 3 on the left and 2 on the right. Very evenly matched!

As promised. This is the older of the three. Lookit those ears!

Ooooo, ominous clouds!

MINE! ALL MINE! You can go to Denny's.

This is not some pseudo-retro shit, this is the real thing, built in 1960.

After this, the hills get denser.

Here are two of them. Sisters, born in April. They're really good.

Can't even describe how good this smells, and the bread is unbelievable.

THAT, folks, is an apple martini. Picture doesn't convey how cold this bad boy is. Steak ordered!

1,075 miles on 24.88 gallons. Somebody do the math. 43.0mpg? And that's AC-on, 70+mph...

Mmmmm... Meat!