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I would say iCloud is down, but it isn’t. It says it isn’t, so it isn’t. I’d say.

Regarding B) …

Ok, so I take it this here is NOT correct…

We will manage to get this down to zero one day. ;)

Whatever you do, don’t send mails this long to an already drowning-in-mail developer. Just… don’t. ;)

And again. :)

Achievement unlocked:
"Almost there, buddy!"
(Get below 120 unanswered emails.)

Oh my… oh my… I… we… blush #ulysses3

I like how this ranking graph somehow looks like a metro plan.

Forgive this tweet, but… now there's only Apple left to beat. :) (which rhymes, unintentionally, so again: sorry)

Why use a calendar, when you got Photoshop knocking on your door every first of the month? *sigh*

And this. #ulysses3

Also this. #ulysses3

Just dug this up. #ulysses3

Sonst alle so: "Verkaufe Rahmen, Sattel und Tretlager. Rest schon weg." #ebay

App Store name shortening gone, well… wrong.

"Battle Nations is … filled with … lovable characters." Rrrrright.

Daedalus Touch 1.5.5 also coming in… #daedalusapp #busyweeks

Unfähigkeit lässt sich offen messen. Apple erhielt bei der Anführung in verqueren Sätzen neun mal in Folge Zollzeichen.

Warum braucht Apple neue Copywriter? Vielleicht, weil es nicht so einfach ist. Oder weil es vielleicht einfach so ist.