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An official Brony and at just 26

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You take a lot of photos right. I wonder if you went back through them what you'd find...

Not joking. Just moved. What the fuck is that thing? #FuckFuckFuck

It's 2.22am and just woke up to a bang. Turned round and there is a light coming from inside my cupboard... #FuckThat

This hangover was brought to you by Nail Varnish! Making head aches cool!

:'( #Brony

Fuck! This poxy thing's 2ft tall! What the fuck am I gonna do with this?!? #Brony #EquestrianWorldProblems

Don't you just hate it when you wake up to find some crazy bitch has climbed into bed with you?


Give me a day and it shall be done. While you wait, please enjoy this shoot of Batman about to pounce on the unsuspecting Punisher

...and we're done :)

...fully dressed? about now?

Hey, I've been messing around making custom wrestlers in a WWE game. Recognise this guy?

Deleting my old notes off my phone and found this. I am a funny fucker sometimes #JokesForMeFromMe

#Siri! I asked you to keep an eye on my Xbox! What the hell happened?!?

Ahh the fun to be had with #Siri

Felt like more when they were on my floor #NewBookcaseBlues

Good god what have I let myself in for?!? #NewBookcaseBlues

I present for your entertainment... and the amazing bed hair!

*RING RING* Is this Dog?

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