Gregg Deal


Artist. Vandal. Father. Husband. Indigenous. Cyclist. Also, I wear Crocs making street art to keep my street cred in check.

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Ooooohhhh! It's a Christmas abomination!


Cold in the studio this morning.

I can't decide if I should cut my hair. And yes, it's feathered over my ears. Hot.


Long day in the studio.

Chucks with feet jammies. Bear is on the path to success.

A cuddle.

Straight thuggin in the studio today.

Going to Hoth later today.

Xmas foo, Xmas.

So am I. Still jealous.

The Bear is giving out nasty wet kisses today. Ur jealous.

The boy is looking dapper today.

Nice sweater Sage. Tell me a Nordic tale. ()

There is a chance my MIL is republican.

At my inlaws. Came across this pic. I used to be pretty.

I'm thankful for funny faces.

My wife got me a new coat a few weeks ago. I'm wearing it today because it's cold as nuts out.

I'm gunna eat this pie.