Gregg Deal


Artist. Vandal. Father. Husband. Indigenous. Cyclist. Also, I wear Crocs making street art to keep my street cred in check.

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See what happens with someone as lane as I am gets a hold of sideway chalk:

Look how hiphop Target is! Also, we live in DC, not NYC.

Holy crapola. What am I doing inside?!

Helping out a friend who runs a printers. Working on a funeral card layout. Anything wrong with this?

snarko-what?! Boom!

still haven't beat my best, but this isn't bad:

how about this? My best on Zen is 272.

why does this shot make me think of Sage hugging ?

I'm a hugga.

he came! He came!!!

Best Christmas Eve ever.

My Christmas is complete.

The Bear and I are watching Elf in an effort to bring in the Christmas Spirit.

Why I'm not allowed to decorate cookies.

Christmas church!

My nephew is home from college!

We had a successful Pre-Xmas gathering. My mom loved her gift!

Wooly wool sweater for the studio!