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Artist. Vandal. Father. Husband. Indigenous. Cyclist. Also, I wear Crocs making street art to keep my street cred in check.

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i was going through old photos and came across this. My nearly 3 year old son on an NDN Cradle Board. Love this:

Sweet! My listing on is on the Popular This Week under Painting!

If anyone is interested in a button for their blog for my project, give me a shout!

Walking sex. working on my video and found this gem.

Just had two of these bad boys in my back yard. Crazy! They were both about 15" long or more and beautiful!

Tell me what is better than downloading ill rapper music? Learning the Hip Hop Dance.

In other news ()

When I unsubscribe, I like to do so colorfully.

one of the only snowboard pics i have. #sad

I love you

It might be really cold in my studio.

Ok, I need help. I can't decide which of the two images here to submit for Inappropriate Elf Contest. Help!

when my hair was longer, it was painful for me too.

Hey, at least State Farm gets their plug along side the article:

I KNOW WHAT #4 IS!! 4) get tickled in the face by a head dress. hee, hee!

is it just me or does this look like you?

I have something to say.

new poster?

So I took the liberty of making this:

My answer to everything.