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A dignified pose #chinchilla

What?! #chinchilla

Grrr, raww raww! #chinchilla

I think her nose looks a little bit like a vampire bat nose ( she is eating a bannana) #chinchilla

My chinchilla was scurrying around making lots of happy noises last night. I don't know why.

Did I ever mention that I have the same shoe size as David Bowie?

Oh I don't know, young foxes today...

Tiglet is quite a nice cat really, very inquisitive, slightly troublesome and with interesting markings.

Tiglet is quite a nice cat really. Very inquisitive, slightly troublesome and with usual dotty markings.

Cat in the box

"Yaaaaaaaaarrrrgh!" - The Dog

The cat has massive eyes, like saucers. Sadly due to lighting it's hard to capture them well in a photo #CatDuty

Cat showing off his big feet #CatDuty

I touched the cat and it was like there was an engine inside him or something! #CatDuty

The cat is looking handsome today,as usual #CatDuty

I also have Bird Duty #BirdDuty #CatDuty

I got cat duty. (One cat) #CatDuty #PianoDuty

Look at the mess shes made! Hay everywhere! Naughty Chinchilla.

WoW! The new next door but one neighbour just threw this out! Really out of tune but still cool.

Interesting lens flare(?)