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I am a video game addict, I make videos on YouTube and I enjoy prancing around in cosplay costumes. I want to be a Jedi when I grow up.

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My face when I just read about the Bioshock Infinite collector's edition.

Thank you for making me these AMAZING gifts!! I luv them so much! <3 Definitely going in my collection!

New Raychullaneos video is up: http://youtu.be/le8Cyeq1fzk and Yoshi is very excited!

Already did Raychul Moorhees.

I couldn't own it and not wear it!! :)

Editing a new unboxing video. This month's crate was AWESOME! Here is a teaser for ya.

Brought this little guy home from my vacation. Thinking about making some Playboy Bunny ears for him. :)

Snapped this for you since I know you're such a huge fan of hers.

"Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind…"

New favorite shirt! #GodofWar

I told you I'd do it! Yoshi in the #Borderland2 loot chest! :)

I am totally gonna be "that guy" and am gonna wear my #Borderlands2 dress to pick up my game tonight!

Always there. Always watching. I have the cutest stalker ever!

Thanks to my lady-love for the amazing pink SteelSeries Siberia headset & matching Gunnar Optiks glasses!

It's a damn good day when I find a new corset by in the mail!

Going on 30 hours of no sleep. I am a zombie.

Day after PAX and I am spending my day snuggled up bed, wearing my new Minecraft tee. #lazyday

I'm on a trading card!

Awesome day! Interviewed (pic by ), played GoW: Ascension & saw Last of Us again! (thnx !)

Here is one I took the pink strap off the gun.