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I am a video game addict, I make videos on YouTube and I enjoy prancing around in cosplay costumes. I want to be a Jedi when I grow up.

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Here is a little peek at my Catherine shoot w/ Onigun! <3 Check out http://bit.ly/113lpf8 for the rest of the pics!

Can't stop dreaming of these Star Wars dresses. But which one?! Help me Twitter, you're my only hope.

I sure did!! <3

Here are two, I will send you some of the ones from tomorrows shoot too when I get them. :)

Here are two, I will send you some of the ones from tomorrows shoot too when I get them. :)

My new gaming laptop!! Extra luv points if you know the game my wallpaper is from! <3

Oh, whoops! Wrong link! Dis ones! http://mbsy.co/lootcrate/32266 <3 Here, have a picture!

I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kiss you. No Disney character is safe.

At the new Test Track in EPCOT you can do your own super cheesy car photoshoot. I couldn't say no to that opportunity!

New today, called the Infinity box! Here's a little teaser of what was inside. (unboxing video tomorrow)

Hey you car guys, what kinda car is this? It's cute and sporty…but that blue logo is one I've never seen.

Damn right. I'm soooo ready for God of War: Ascension!

And if I click on the mysterious question mark from my previous post, I get this pop up:

Hey fellow Mac users, what the hell is this question mark on the top of all my folders?

Buy a calendar of geeky girls, save boobies! We all win! www.girlsofgeek.com Pre-orders are going fast!

I was Princess Buttercup from Princess Bride.

Shot 3 different outfits tonight, this one was my favorite.

To win a code for Primal Carnage beta on Steam, tell me the name of this game:

Oops, forgot to include pic of the prizes! Will also be giving some of these away every hour during the live stream!

Hell yeah! Excite!